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Bon Vita is a positive lifestyle brand that encourages each and every individual in this world to live the life that they desire, which can be identified as The Good Life (TGL).

In early 2015, Bon Vita created a blog that would offer free content to help individuals create this type of life. Our empowering and inspiring posts have helped thousands of people improve their lives. We continue to use this blog as a hub of positvity so that anyone in the world can access it and learn to live a happier, and more fulfilling life.

Our daily mantra is Good Vibes Only (GVO) and this is exactly what we seek to deliver on any platform that we are present on. Our newly designed online store contains items that will further help individuals practice a positive lifestyle. The Bon Vita way of living is to not only create a life that looks good on the outside, but also one that feels good on the inside.

It's no secret anymore: good vibes help create a good life.

Good Vibes, Good Life!™



Our bracelets come in one size and are easily adjustable to fit most wrist sizes. Before beginning, ensure your bracelet is on the desired wrist. Next, using your opposite hand gently squeeze the ends of your bracelet around your wrist, just enough for it to fit comfortably and so that it can still be removed with ease. They will not fall off if adjusted properly.


Our hats come in one size and are easily adjustable using the snap on the back of the hat. Our hats will fit most head sizes and shapes. Use the snap to change the size as required to create a comfortable fit.